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Day: June 8, 2021

Getting Out Of A DUI Charge

Because DUI is a serious offense, you also need to take it seriously. When you get arrested for DUI (driving under influence of alcohol/drugs), you have to face the corresponding penalties like fines, license suspension and many more. Thus, you have to consider every possible way to get out of […]

Pre-Marriage Counseling 101: Spend A Day in Divorce Court

Last Sunday there was an article in the Sacramento Bee about eight couples who all got married on the same day in the same Presbyterian church after successfully completing a six-week “marriage preparation” class. The class focused on finances and budgeting and developing relationship and communications skills. I think such […]

Tort Reform Fails in Texas

Tort reform is not what it is cracked up to be. Big insurance and big government do not want to get this concept, and victims continue to be abused by the system. There is so much campaign rhetoric polluting the airwaves that it is hard to get the straight facts. […]