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Category: Employment Law

How Workplace Lawyers Can Protect Your Rights

Every day, there are a large number of people who become injured at work or who are wrongfully dismissed by their employers. Unfortunately, these occurrences are so commonplace that there is a demand for more workplace lawyers who will do everything in their power to protect your rights whilst at work. But what sorts of […]

Whistleblower Case Study: Defending a State Employee Doing the Right Thing

An employee discovers practices that appear to be improper if not unlawful. A state employee of the Office of Vocation Rehabilitation (“State Office”) turned to us in connection with their discovery of several practices of their employer that appeared to be improper if not unlawful. The discovery occurred in connection with their review of the […]

Hiring Employment Based Legal Help

Many a times, people are unaware of the benefits they can reap when they approach the right kind of legal help. If you are an employee and you believe that you require some legal help then approaching employment law solicitors is essential. This works both ways and as an employer, there are several reasons why […]

Are You an Employee or Self Employed?

The answer to this question will affect a lot more than PAYE and tax returns. Employees have a number of employment rights and protections which self employed workers to do not. For example employees are entitled to statutory redundancy payments, to claim for unfair dismissal, maternity and paternity rights and a number of other rights […]

What Constitutes a Wrongful Termination Under Florida Employment Law?

The number one question employment lawyers get from prospective clients is: “Do I have a legal case for wrongful termination.” Under Florida Law, and in most States, employees are hired on an at-will basis. This means that unless there is an employment contract, an employee can be hired or fired for any reason, so long […]

Municipal Pension Holders at Risk As Chapter 9 Bankruptcy Filings Increase

Jefferson County, Alabama filed the biggest Chapter 9 bankruptcy in United States history on November 9, 2011. The $4 billion filing covering the city of Birmingham and 658,000 county residents far surpassed Orange County, California, the previous record holder, which filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy in 1994 with $1.7 in debt. The filing raises issues […]

Health And Safety In Manufacturing After the Lofsted Report

A recent major survey of the manufacturers’ association EEF (Engineering Employers’ Federation) has reported that despite all the efforts made to reduce unnecessary health and safety regulations, the actual cost of complying with the law has risen. The general opinion of people from the manufacturing industry expressed in the survey is that all ongoing changes […]

Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

There are many times when it is necessary to hire a workers compensation attorney. The process of getting the funds you deserve from this type of establishment can be challenging, but the program is in place to provide you with what you deserve. There are many steps involved and it is quite possible for you […]