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Advantages of a Trust

Legal Documentation

A Living Trust is one of the most common and easiest ways to pass assets on to loved ones (and avoid financial disasters). We will discuss the many benefits of Living Trusts. This article is for you to consider when choosing the right Estate Planning option for you and your […]

Accident Claims at Your Fingertips

It can happen to any of us at anytime: you have an accident in your local supermarket and it wasn’t your fault, but accident claims are right behind you. Maybe it was a small cut or maybe you broke your arm, but these types of accidents are often the fault […]

The Importance Of Getting Professional Assistance For Conveyancing

With regards to buying or selling a real estate property, any experienced investor can attest to the complicated process it involves. You have to make certain that every portion of the sale or purchase is legally compliant that is why you need to fulfill an overwhelming amount of requirements. Aside […]

The Abstention Doctrine Pullman Rule

In the United States we are blessed – or cursed-with a legal system that contemplates parallel judicial processes. We have a federal court system and each state has a separate state court system. Since 1941 there has been considerable recognition of circumstances under which a federal court may decline to […]

Improving Dispute Resolution by Advocating the Moral Path

Because the process provides an opportunity to better examine a dispute in detail, moral issues come up frequently in mediation. When one party believes that its side of the case is the right one and that the other is wrong, instead of looking for a resolution, they tend to come […]

Legal TV Advertising: How To Measure Its Effectiveness

Measuring the effectiveness of legal TV advertising is an inexact science. There’s no amount of number crunching that will tell you exactly how your advertising spending translates into the number of leads your TV ads are generating. However, there are still ways to estimate how well your ads are performing […]

The Case for Mediation in Employee Disputes

No business professionals, whether they are employees or employers, want to deal with disputes involving the workplace. Ongoing litigation tends to highlight tension and make everyday life more difficult for the parties, especially if they are still working together. Employee disputes that could have seen a quicker resolution through mediation […]

Amy Winehouse – Worth 3 Million Pounds But No Will

Most twenty-seven-year-olds could, quite reasonably, not expect to die any time soon. Although the popular singer and musician Amy Winehouse had a long and well-documented history with drugs and depression, it seems that she didn’t expect to die either, as she never opted to make a will. Amy Winehouse was […]

Growth in Multiple Employer Plans Depends on Regulatory Conflict Resolution

Although multiple employer pension plans (MEPP) have been around for decades, many employers have left them largely untapped. Diverse viewpoints between the IRS and Department of Labor (DOL), both of which have regulatory control over these plans, have created a divide. Many-especially small and midsize businesses-are discouraged because of greater […]