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Category: Cyber Law

Defamation of Character and Libel on Social Networking Sites

Cross Border Issues Regarding Social Networking Defamation Different jurisdictions apply different rules to what is regarded as defamation as well as to what is regarded as the liability of the parties involved. Because of the cross- border nature of the internet, it is important to at least identify the minimum […]

The Bad Effects Of Cyber Crimes

A criminal defense attorney in California tackles on the subject of cyber crimes. What exactly are these? Can the law enforcement specialists find criminals on the internet? How can you develop a framework for your children to learn what cyber crimes are? The following information will help acquaint you with […]

How to Find Patent Attorneys Who Are Reliable

Finding a good patent attorney is all about reliability – many legal experts in this field know the laws of patents well enough, but the thing is they must also be able to provide you with adequate service in the long term, and give you the reassurance that they can […]

Possible Punishments For Defamation of Character Via the Internet

These people tend to post offensive material solely using pseudonyms. In rare cases an offender may own top level domains, like .co.uk or.com. Where the offender owns a top level domain this is helpful because top level domains are issued by ICANN approved registries. In the UK Nominet is the […]

Should the Government Be Able To Monitor Social Media?

Socrates once said that the virtue of goodness comes from knowledge. The counter to that is ignorance, or lack of knowledge, which is considered “evil.” In modern terms this means the ability of the media to withhold information in a way that alters its meaning. Censorship, propaganda, conspiracy, these are […]

Can Court Documents Be Served on Me Through Twitter or Facebook?

In most countries where a person is having difficulty serving documents personally upon either a person or business, they can approach a Court and request a Court Order which allows them to serve the documents or Order upon the person or business in an alternate form than the Court Rules […]

Canada’s New Anti-Spam Legislation – How Does It Affect Your Business?

Bill C-28, Canada’s anti-spam legislation, was recently passed and will come into effect later this year. While its intended target is deceptive forms of spam, Canadian small and medium sized businesses should be aware of the Act in order to ensure their compliance when contacting leads, networking and developing marketing […]