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Category: Copyright

Copyright Law and Society

With this message I have created a copyright. Should this post become as popular as say a Beatle’s song I could sue for royalties from everyone who forwards it. The copyright on the post lasts 75 years and if I register the copyright it will last as long as 100 […]

How the Berne Convention Helps With Copyright Protection

The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, which concluded in 1886, was developed to synchronize laws regarding the protection of intellectual property, internationally. The plan was for member countries to have similar minimum standards of protection for copyright. The Convention is headed by the World Intellectual […]

Software Licensing and Copyright Protection

Every year there are billions of dollars loses due to pirate software, and the figure is increasing double digits each year. So, if you are a software developer, how would you prevent your software from being stolen? Software is your high valuable intellectual property. So, it must be protected from […]

Registering For a Copyright

When you register for a copyright for your book, your photographs, or any other type of project, you are registering it with the U. S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. It’s a legally binding formality that makes it public record that you created your project […]