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The Texas Police Records are not as easy to access like in other American States. The Texas Department of Public Safety, also known as the DPS, is responsible for the criminal conviction records and is also the state repository for such important statistics and data. In coordination with its Crime Records Service Division, it administers several important programs and services to assemble the needs of both the public and justice communities. One of its most important core functions is to provide criminal history records as a public service. In addition, free Texas Police Reports are also available through request.

For several years till the present time, the State of Texas ranks consistently among the top ten worst states overall in terms of crime rate. With a staggering population in excess of 20 million, its population is only second to California. Statistically speaking there would be millions who have already made brushes with the law in their lifetimes.

Texas Police Records are kept on file even if the individuals on record have never led to any incarceration and unless expunged or sealed by the courts remain there. Such records are useful in more ways than one. They are extensively used in pre-employment screening and are actually prerequisite for positions that are considered sensitive or highly classified. On a more personal note, such records can be very informative for checking on nannies, business partners, neighbors, friends, workmates, and relatives and so forth.

People can now conduct searches in the privacy of their own homes or offices as they please. The private sector is also permitted to access state repositories of criminal conviction records in Texas. It is noteworthy to remember that this is only permitted in nineteen selected states and is a great resource for the public. Commercial information brokers can also benefit from these records. There is a huge market for the right information in this day and age.

In our modern society, the police are commonly regarded as the all-purpose response and solution to most social problems and any crime related issues. As such, it makes perfect sense that police records are a good place to search for. Such information will determine if someone has a history of criminal activities or suspicious associations. This information is meant to protect the public from criminals and crime.

In the State of Texas, every criminal history records are essentially public information by law. That includes the Texas Police Records. However, a number of criminal history records are confidential or non-public information and can only be released only to individuals specifically authorized by the individual or entities by the legislature. To make it simple, anyone has the right to access anyone’s criminal history. An updated and trustworthy Police Records Search can be a good root source to investigate people with.