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Every year there are billions of dollars loses due to pirate software, and the figure is increasing double digits each year. So, if you are a software developer, how would you prevent your software from being stolen?

Software is your high valuable intellectual property. So, it must be protected from illegal usage to ensure new and existing revenue. Software piracy rate is increasing globally and billions of losses occurred because of software piracy. Here are some facts and rates of each region, Asia pacific have a piracy rate of 55%, even Central Europe and Latin America suffers a piracy rate of 60%. According to the BSA (Business Software Alliance) and IDC 4th Annual Global Software Piracy Study, revenue losses due to software piracy have increased and were $40 billion in the year 2006.

Developing a software application involves a major investment of time, money and effort. Software piracy (including illegal network licenses and unfulfilled upgrades) denies you the revenue you deserve and harms your paying customers, who ultimately bear the cost of illegal use of your products. Piracy limits your ability to be competitive, leading to higher-priced, less advanced products for your customers.

Software Copy Protection will help us to prevent our software products that we spent months to years to develop, being cracked and distributed free. It will not only protect our intellectual property rights but also will help us to increase our sales revenue and improve services and more advanced features or better applications for your users and clients. This will indirectly increase your revenue and making you a great leader in software application development.

So start protecting and securing your software now.