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Cycling has long been a part of human society with people riding bikes as a mode of transportation between many places. Although motor vehicles have long replaced bikes as the preferred mode of transport in today’s world, biking still plays a major role in our lives because it allows people to travel to their desired destinations quicker and with less effort than walking or running. Sadly, there are a lot of accidents associated with biking which is why bikers should always know what cycle accident claims are and how to avail of them.

Dangers of Cycling

Even though biking is considered safe, many accidents still happen because of it, often causing injuries and in some cases even death. In fact, people riding on bicycles have a higher chance of getting killed or seriously injured compared to people riding in cars or similar vehicles. Another sad statistic about biking is that 60 percent of collisions go unreported, resulting in victims not getting the cycle accident claims they deserve.

Result of Bike Accidents

Many bike accident victims are left injured and their bikes seriously damaged. In many cases, they cannot work and their bikes have to be completely replaced, not to mention having to pay huge sums for medical treatment.

Cycle Accident Claims

Thankfully, accident victims can file for claims from the people responsible for the accidents. These insurance claims can help them pay for hospital bills, the damaged bicycle, and can even pay for the time lost from work while recovering.

Types of Cycle Accident Claims

There are many types of insurance claims that make a bicycle rider eligible to receive compensation, as long as he can prove that the accident was not a result of his own doing. He should show sufficient proof that the accident was not his fault in order to ask for compensation from the other parties involved. Types of claims include:

Cycle Accident Claims For Accidents Caused by Pedestrians

Pedestrians often cause road accidents and bicycles are no exception. Bikers can fall off their bicycles due to a pedestrian’s negligence or carelessness. In these cases, the victim can be eligible for accident claims.

Cycle Accident Claims For Accidents Caused by Other Vehicles

Victims can claim if they have been injured while riding their bicycles because of another cyclist or motorist. These injuries usually happen when the driver of the other vehicle knocks the victim off the bike resulting to injuries.

Cycle Accident Claims For Accidents Caused by Faulty Products

Just like other vehicular accidents, cycling accidents can occur when the bike has a production or design flaw. These types of problems can cause accidents even if the victim is a careful cyclist. This type of accident entitles the rider to compensation from the bike manufacturer.

Cycle Accident Claims For Accidents Caused by Bad Roads

Oftentimes, road accidents occur even without the participation of other people. These often happen because of poor road conditions. When a road is littered with potholes or when its surfaces are uneven, a biker may fall off his bike and have injuries.