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What Can a DUI Lawyer Possibly Do About Your DUI Charges? Few Things That You Should Know

First of all, you should know that DUI charges are criminal charges and if you are convicted, you stand to live the rest of your life as a convicted felon. When you are convicted, you stand to lose your entire future. Why is that, you might ask? You will lose your job, your driving license, and your reputation. If you have to face jail time, then your boss will not be saving your spot for when you comeback, they would fire you and hire some one else. Your driving license can get suspend any where from 6 months to permanently, you could also lose your vehicle and you will forever be known as a convicted felon. I hope these reasons are enough for you to realize the importance of hiring a DUI lawyer.

Experienced DUI lawyers will put in a lot of time in gathering evidence for you. They will also take the time to find and interview witnesses to help with your case. As DUI cases are considered as criminal cases, there will be a battery of tests that will be done during the entire trial and your lawyer will know all of them. If you get a lawyer who really specializes in DUI offenses, that would be the best as they will know all the tricks of the trade. Your lawyer will be able to bring forward all the different types of scientific cases, evidences and things you don’t even know existed to court so that they can get your charges dropped or get you a reduced sentence. They will also get expert witness like doctors or other professionals to testify on your behalf. They will also study the case from the moment you were arrested to make sure that your rights were not violated by the arresting officers. They will also question the reason why you were pulled over in the first place to make sure that you were not targeted by the police because of your age, race or religion.

Their experience with the judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers will help them cut through all the red tape surrounding your case so that they get to the facts faster. Their relationship with the judge and prosecutor will enable them to negotiate a better deal for you. By getting an experienced attorney, they will be up dated with all the current changes in DUI laws and will know the best way to defend you in court.

When you are arrested for a DUI, your driving license will be suspended. Your vehicle will be impounded and for everyday it spends in the impound lot; you will have to bear the costs. A good DUI lawyer will be able to defend you during the DMV hearing so that you will not lose your vehicle or your right to drive. Imagine your license being revoked for even as little as 6 months and having to rely on public transportation to get around. Not an ideal thought, is it?

Unless you are qualified and are skilled when it comes to DUI charges, then by all means you can defend yourself in court. If you lack the experience, the skills and know how, it is best to leave this to the experts. Hire a lawyer and you can rest assured knowing that you will be properly defended in court.