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Category: Personal Injury

Shop Accident Claims

Accidents can happen anywhere and often when you least expect them. Shopping should be a fairly risk-free activity but when they happen it’s often sudden and can be shocking and even embarrassing in the moment. Sometimes severe injuries can happen in a shopping centre, supermarket or any other retail shop […]

Facts You Should Know About Injury Lawyers

A lot of times, personal injury is caused by accidents in workplace, slip and fall accidents, motorcycle and automobile accidents, and medical malpractices. An injury attorney will help you with your personal injury lawsuit, should you have been unfortunate enough to sustain a personal injury. “So what does injury attorney […]

Cycle Accident Claims

Cycling has long been a part of human society with people riding bikes as a mode of transportation between many places. Although motor vehicles have long replaced bikes as the preferred mode of transport in today’s world, biking still plays a major role in our lives because it allows people […]

Homeowner Liability

The increased use of home gyms means that many people have exercise equipment of some sort in their homes, such as weight machines, treadmills or elliptical machines. These machines symbolize work for adults, but they just as easily symbolize play for children. The First District Appellate Court of Illinois recently […]

How a Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help You

When you are involved in any type of accident or have an injury, these things are always unplanned by their very nature. In the initial shock and confusion of the situation, you may not always really have time to think about protecting your rights or how you will be able […]

3 Mistakes in a Personal Injury Claim

Are you wondering what personal injury is? To explain it simply, let’s put it this way: if another person or entity’s negligence brings you injury whether physical, mental or emotional, you can make a claim for monetary damages. You can use this monetary compensation to cover your medical costs or […]

Negotiating Your Own Personal Injury Claim

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’ve been hurt in an accident and are considering filing your own personal injury claim. Well, take a step back and think about this seriously. Negotiating your own personal injury claim means: 1) Getting all medical records 2) Getting incident and police reports 3) […]

Tort Reform Fails in Texas

Tort reform is not what it is cracked up to be. Big insurance and big government do not want to get this concept, and victims continue to be abused by the system. There is so much campaign rhetoric polluting the airwaves that it is hard to get the straight facts. […]